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I'm glad you found us. I’d like to introduce a few key concepts about who we are as Grace Church and how we want to serve you and the greater Huron area.

We are committed, first, to Jesus Christ who alone redeems us from slavery to sin and the wrath of God. We are committed to each other in service and in fellowship. We want to serve you by introducing Jesus Christ to you from the Bible and help you to grow in knowledge of him and his work.

We believe that the Bible, as God’s word, teaches that worship is a meeting of God with his people. Worship isn’t about us but about God. We believe that God first acts to establish a relationship with him. God’s sovereign gracious work on our behalf through Christ causes us to see his majesty, grace, holiness, beauty, and mercy in all that he has made. We marvel and revel in his grace and want others to know God as he is revealed in his creation and word. We want to serve you by providing a place and context for meaningful reverent worship that puts God and his Word at the center of all that we do.

We are a reformed church in that we believe the Bible teaches the doctrines of grace. All people need a real savior who doesn’t just make salvation from sin possible but real and actual. We cannot save ourselves from the effects of sin. We believe that people need to hear these truths boldly and practically taught again. We want to serve you by providing a church where the whole Bible is taught and applied to all of life. 

Recently some have called these commitments we wish to share “Reformed Resurgence” and “Big God Theology.” Men such as C. Hansen, K. DeYoung, and J. Piper have made this popular. Older men such RC Sproul have taught these doctrines for years. This is what is traditionally called “Reformed Theology” and has been the historic message of the Bible that was uncovered in the “Reformation” and goes back to the Apostles (Galatians 1:11-16). We want to serve you by being a witness to these unchanging truths of the Bible that answer the difficult questions of life and faith.

Over the next few weeks as we share the holidays I will be preaching out of the Apostle John’s books in the New Testament. The theme I want you to consider is “Why Did Jesus Come?” Perhaps you know the answer. Let me challenge you to consider some forgotten reasons that God gives us in his Word. We often think Christmas is ultimately about us. That God sent his Son for us. While Jesus Christ did come to save sinners there is more to the story. To borrow a phrase, come, “Hear the rest of the story.”


Pastor Larry Oldaker

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